From Boom Town to Doom Town…Join the Conversation!

nodice2When the 1976 voter referendum was passed along with the Casino Control Act, these actions were premised by the voters and the legislature for the purpose of the “rehabilitation and “redevelopment of existing tourist and convention facilities in Atlantic City. Instead the casinos became entities unto themselves in direct competition with the existing businesses in Atlantic┬áCity. The local business community has been methodically and purposely destroyed by the casinos and the governmental entities that regulate them
The non-stop regulatory authorities making constant demands that amount to eminent domain abuse have all resulted in the present state of Atlantic City. Over the years we have written to many government officials and told them that by picking the winners and losers, the casino industry and their cohorts (politicians) have cost us millions of dollars in lost revenue. In the next few days, we will post a link and explain why casinos in North Jersey would be a disaster for Atlantic City; it would further and accelerate the demise of Atlantic City. We welcome you to join in the discussion

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